4 comments on “Tyrant

  1. This is the first post of the new year. It makes me happy. Depending on where you live, it may already be Friday. Even so, this is a bonus (for Michael’s review on WFG) and there will be a regular update later today.

    Since this is the first section of Origins, you’re almost out of time to join in on the Q&A incentive. So, for purely altruistic reasons, I’ll recap it. Anyone who recommends Citadel on Web Fiction Guide can post a question in the comments of the Early Access or Q&A pages. On of the characters will ask that question of someone who could reasonably be expected to answer it. This is open to all past and present recommenders, as well as anyone who gets one in before the chapter is over. It’ll be a relatively long one, I think, but even so… Better hurry!

    Current bonus policy (changed for the new year):
    1 Recommendation on WFG = 1 bonus update
    1 Review on WFG = 1 bonus update
    Anyone who makes a tvtropes.com entry for Citadel = I’ll name a character for you or something similar


      • There’s a link on the home page, or you can just click here: https://unillustrated.wordpress.com/qa/

        In short, you can leave a question on the Q&A page or under Early Access. Although if you leave one somewhere else, as long as you make sure it’s explicitly described as an incentive question I’ll still count it. I just might not see it in time if it’s somewhere else.

        World building or history style questions will start being addressed around 13.3-ish. Questions about individual characters will depend on the nature, but I’ll get them as soon as they fit the narrative, probably not long.


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