27.0 Monster


Two men stood, facing each other in the street.

The first wore black, the color broken only by a series of metal plates that ranged in size from a few inches to a foot across.  They were attached to his strange outfit by crude leather straps.  No part of his skin was visible.  A heavy metal helmet obscured his face, broken only by a narrow slit, barely showing a pair of faded blue eyes.  Tight leather gloves- black, of course- covered his hands.  There was a large knife gripped firmly in his right fist.  If one had the right mindset, they might imagine they could hear the sound as blood dripped from the blade and fell to the ground below, drop by drop.

The second figure wore more ordinary clothes, black slacks and a chocolate brown long sleeved shirt.  There were signs of wear on the shoulder seams and a bit of fraying at the hem of the pants.  Clearly, these clothes had been well kept but also worn frequently, old favorites.  The second figure was of an age that he might be called a young man, but his frame was slight enough that most would probably call him a boy, regardless of his height.  His hair was combed back, held in place with a little gel.  His eyes were covered by mirrored sunglasses.

The young man spoke.

“I know what you are.  Monster.”

His face and voice were utterly lacking in emotion.  Not cold, that would have been better.  They belonged to a dead thing.  The other replied and his voice came as a tortured rasp.

“Yes.”  There was no movement, aside from the dripping blood.

“You don’t even understand what you’ve done, do you?”

Shades of emotion crept into the boy’s voice, pain and anger and- and something else.  If the man in black was bothered by this, he gave no sign, just tilted his head slightly without any other motion.  It was eerie, more like a bird or an insect than a man.

“You’ve destroyed her!”

There was only hate in the boy’s voice, though his face had not changed from its alien, emotionless mask.

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19 comments on “27.0 Monster

  1. I felt like this needed a page of its own but the scene was too short to be a regular post. Therefore, surprise weekend post!


    I’m just gonna go ahead and apologize for the rest of this chapter now.

    Please don’t hate me.


  2. Calling it now, Citadel is responsible. Scene sounds like Monster killed Jenny and Jason. is. mad. But, I think that the Citadel wanted that. They put Jenny on a Nemesis team against Monster, which was a win-win for them. It’d be Awesome for Jenny to kill Monster, but it would solve her uncontrolled reality warping problem for them if she failed. Added bonus is that with Jason not officially on the Nemesis team, maybe Monster’s ability wouldn’t proc on him. And Jason is another one of their best bets on taking Monster down, with his kill sight and his near immunity to Monster’s knife. Not as much of a win-win if Jason dies, but that’s a gamble I’d take.


    • No. I don’t think that’s it. Remember he was talking to Jenny in the last update right before it was announced that Monster was in town.

      I think Monster is responsible for Jenny’s empowerment, and that’s why Jason is mad, because he knows how much of a curse it is for her, being trapped in her own body, forced to act in way other people consider Awesome.


      • If Jenny’s on a team to kill Monster, and the Citadel suddenly gets notice of his location, then they would dispatch the team to where they know Monster will be, wouldn’t they. Thus, we end up with Monster killing Jenny.

        On the plus side, she’s now released from a life of literal slavery. On the downside, well, she’s dead and we won’t get to see her and Jason going off into a happy retirement together.

        On a side note, where’s Hector?

        Is Graves there to stop Monster, or there to facilitate Monster moving on and not harming anyone else in the process?

        Is this where Jason first starts to become Monster? As Jason’s emotions start coming back, he learns to embrace them, to embrace the hate, he starts to internalize the following, and then he goes back in time and becomes Monster:
        Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
        Through passion, I gain strength.
        Through strength, I gain power.
        Through power, I gain victory.
        Through victory, my chains are broken.
        The Force shall free me.
        I shall free Jenny from her life of slavery and her final words shall be just as I remember them, “Thank you.”


        • William noted that Jenny has the same type of power as Monster, so Monster isn’t Jason and arranging for the two of them to fight sounds like a terrible idea. If they don’t interact to produce a catastrophe, Monster just kills Jenny because his power is stronger and also kills whoever came up with the plan and several thousand people who happen to be nearby, because that is how he does things.

          Alternately, their powers both flare to full strength and tear a hole in the universe. Or interlock and result in the two of them teaming up to kill everyone in North America.


          • … I don’t like SW morality. The time I tried playing darkside, it was hard to distinguish acts of stupid evil that would benefit me, from ones that wouldn’t. And too many pragmatic acts got labelled as “good”. For all that a lot of good was boring, at least most of it didn’t feel dumb.

            Jade Empire handled it a bit better, IMO. I only beat it on closed fist, and the evil acts usually benefitted me. Plus, at least a couple of the CF acts made me feel like I did the right thing.

            The two I’m refering to are the slave-girl incited to murder, and the end, in case you’re wondering.


    • The thing about targeting Monster, though, is that he’s got whatever nebulous future sight power lets him kill a senator who affronts him by robbing a sandwich shop. Unless they have a countermeasure for that, he’s not going to show up for any plan that’s going to work.

      I think it’s far more likely Monster is here to provoke Jason enough to set off his kill aura, which he will survive.


    • Fairly unlikely; William seems to be shielded against Jenny by his Null power, since she annoyed him a lot during his class visit and she couldn’t effectively fight “Todd” directly in the graduation exercise, but he lost severely against Monster at some point.


  3. If one had the right mindset, they might imagine they could hear the sound as blood dripped from its blade, fell to the ground below.

    Can’t get this to parse correctly in my head. What sound? Maybe:

    “… hear the sound of blood as it dropped from its blade, falling to the ground below”?

    Doesn’t sound as cool, though…


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