Alone Ch 01.1


So there I was, with Granite Ghost is right in front of me.  He was big and grey and completely hairless, wearing a set of blue coveralls that looked really stupid.  I could tell he recognized me because he got that familiar look on his face, like he wanted to swear but knew he really shouldn’t do that around me.  Just behind him and a little to his left was Arms Master.

The guy was really tall and kind of skinny but you don’t really notice that because he has six arms and he’s usually holding a different weapon with each one.  Ghost shared a cell with him the last time he was in prison and they escaped at the same time so we figured that they’d be working together.  You could tell he’d never fought me before because he didn’t look worried at all.

So far, there wasn’t anything to worry about.  Of course, the next thing I saw was the third member.  He was a total surprise.  He was this little short and totally creepy looking guy, with these big eyes that glowed pink.  I sort of freaked out a little because I recognized him.  I would’ve anyway because Prodigy was on the ground in front of him.  She wasn’t bowing or kneeling, not exactly, just sort of on her knees with a vacant look on her face and her mouth hanging open.  I didn’t know why he had her doing that but I knew why she was going along with it.

His name was Dominant and he was one of those rare supervillains that’d never been caught before.  His power’s pretty obvious.  If he tells someone to do something then they do it, no matter what.  This was bad.

I didn’t even bother touching down, just rushed forward as fast as I could.  I got to him before he could say anything and I clamped my hand around his mouth to make sure it stayed that way.  Not gripping too hard is important in a situation like that because, as far as I knew, he wasn’t any tougher than a regular person.  So I was being careful but he’s struggling, just sort of flailing around and looking really silly.  It wasn’t doing anything but it was enough that I had to adjust my grip a few times.  Then Ghost punched me in the back of the head as hard as he could.

That was actually really stupid of him, for a couple reasons.  It was kind of weird, cause he’s usually pretty smart.  I could tell he went all out cause there was this sort of squelching sound.  When I looked back I saw that he’d hit me hard enough that he’d managed to cut off a couple fingers on my hair.

See, that’s one of the things they don’t tell you when you’re waiting in line for superhero powers.  Not that there’s an actual line.  Anyway, if you’re tough enough, and depending on just how your toughness works, your hair is just a bunch of really thin unbreakable strands.  Think about that and then imagine punching a mess of that stuff.  Yeah, I kinda felt bad for the guy.

Not so bad that I didn’t turn around and slap him in the head with the back of my hand, but bad enough to hold back a little.  It still hit him hard enough that he went down, which was really a good thing.  Most of the time when I fight him it’s more like ‘chase’ than ‘fight.’  Ghost learned real early that he’s not a match for me so, any time he sees me coming for him, he usually goes all ghosty and white.  Instead of being stronger and tougher it means he can walk through walls and sort of swim through the ground.

Ever tried to catch a bad guy when he can go right through stuff and you have to be careful about property damage?  Trust me, it’s really annoying.  The grown ups hate it when I mess up buildings without a good reason, especially my-

They say it makes everyone in a cape look bad and then I get a lecture and stuff.

Anyway, so the whole time I was doing that I was sort of shaking Dominant.  Did you ever see one of those little tiny dogs with a rat or a bone or something?  They just go nuts.  I wasn’t doing it quite that hard but I wanted to make sure he didn’t give Prodigy any orders or make her do something bad.  I know I had my hand over his mouth but I couldn’t be sure I remembered how his power worked, so I wanted to be real careful.

I was being so careful that I didn’t even notice when Arms Master jumped right in, swinging a bunch of swords at me.  He wasn’t very strong but he was pretty fast.  I could barely keep track of what he was doing.  I just saw a blur of metal and pale skin while he swung these swords and a mace into my arm over and over again.  It took me a second to realize he wasn’t just trying to mess up my costume.

He was hitting the same arm I was using to hold Dominant.  I guessed he was trying to get the other guy loose which is totally weird for a supervillain.  Even the ones that are friendly with each other tend to cut and run when they’re up against one of the big name heroes.

It was about then that I figured out that Dominant probably had him and Ghost under his control, the same way he obviously had Prodigy.  That was also when I noticed that Arms Master’s lowest left arm was holding a pistol and it was pointing right at Maggie.  I, uh, I kinda freaked out.  I know I shouldn’t have and I’d normally trust Prodigy to take care of herself.  It wasn’t like no one had ever shot at her before but she wasn’t acting right and I got really scared at the idea of her getting hurt.

I swung Dominant around and hit Arms Master with him.

Doing stuff like that is kind of a big no no.  My-

Someone’s always telling me I have to be real careful when I’m fighting people that aren’t very strong because I could do a lot of damage without even really trying.  That was one of the easiest ways to make it happen.  So I knew I shouldn’t have as soon as I did it, but even now I can’t really say I’m sorry.  I hit Arms Master with Dominant and they both wound up on the ground.

Dominant wasn’t moving but Arms Master was trying to get back up so I landed and stomped on his hands.  That part was okay cause you’re allowed to do pretty much anything to a bad guy’s hands.  They’re pretty easy to fix I guess, or at least I assume that’s why the grown ups are always telling me that’s where I should hit people.  Then I went over and kicked Granite Ghost in each of his knees really hard, just in case.  Knees are okay too and I hate trying to chase that guy.

“Uh, Base?  This is Invincibelle.  I think you can tell the cops it’s safe to come in now.”  I looked around.  Arms Master was kinda cussing, saying stuff he shouldn’t have been saying around someone my age, but I didn’t think he was going to do any more fighting.  He was barely moving and his voice was sort of mumble.  Ghost was just sort of laying there and groaning a little while Dominant wasn’t moving at all.  “Pretty sure you can tell whichever grown up from the Legion that they don’t need to come now.”

Usually, when you knock out the mind controller, their victims come out of it.  But Maggie was still down on her knees and I was getting really worried about her.  “And please let someone who knows how Dominant’s power works know that Prodigy needs help.  She’s still all zoned out and not doing anything.  I don’t wanna risk hurting her by trying to wake her up myself.”

“Un- Understood Invincibelle.  The Legion has been notified and we’ll have someone there shortly.”  The guy sounded really weird for some reason.

I gave a deep breath.  Everything was going to be okay.  “Good.  And tell my-

“Tell someone that after this I get ice cream.  That’s the rule, okay?”

“Will do.”  That time he just sounded confused but that didn’t matter.  The ice cream rule wasn’t official but everyone in the Legion knew about it.  Me and my-

Me and someone put it in place a long time ago and it’s almost as old as the Legion.


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