Early Access (Citadel)

Welcome to the bonus page!  If you haven’t read the latest update, I’d suggest you go here first.  If you’re up to date but still want more, then you’re on the right page.  All you have to do to get early access to the next update is support the site.  Just click the Vote link, vote (even if you’ve done it recently) then you should get sent to the Early Access page.

Please keep in mind that you’ll be voting to show support for Citadel on a competitive rankings site.  Only do so if you genuinely believe the story is good enough to deserve your vote.


34 comments on “Early Access (Citadel)

    • Left a review on Amazon. Can’t wait for more. It looks like another book might be out soon-ish??? Thank you for helping to make our genre grow. Dale R. Bille


      • Thank you very much

        I’m thinking late Feb or early March on the next one but not certain. My production speed is highly influenced by real life I’m afraid.

        Your name is now on the list. 🙂


    • Left a nice review and convinced a friend to buy It for me.
      Please use the name Isaac Gambin-Rwezahura(don’t mind if you don’t use both surnames)


    • I’m not sure if this offer still stands for the next book, but ill leave a glowing review. If possible then name Jordan Leighton works


      • Name goes into my random character name generation list and the thank you list for the book that’s reviewed. This means that reviews for later books can get a second mention though not a second character. Hope that makes sense.

        Also, thanks for the review!


    • I bought your book on Kindle and have a few friends reading this now, everything that happens keeps me coming back again and again, I wish I could actually stay away to let a few updates build up.
      I have written my review on Goodreads, and have already rated you 5 stars on my kindle. I had intended to post here, anyhow, but seeing the recent one kind of reminded me of the incentive if I mentioned my reviews.

      Did you want any additional information? Something to match an incentive opening to a person more aptly? My name is John Brady if you want a double name to use instead of my nick of “Jabes”. Engineering student, huge book nerd.


  1. My name is Signe Gullberg Reinertsen (feel free just to use my first name), and I recently bought and wrote a review on your book’s Amazon page. I’d like to have my name appear in the book! I love your story.


  2. just reviewed your book. keep up the great work man! btw my name is Jae if you ever wanna include it somewhere that’d be fantastic


  3. I recently left a very quick review and bought the book. It wasn’t very long due to lag on my Kindels’ part. Hopefully this still gets me a name shout out in the book! Susan Matters is my name if you want to use it, or Margaret Matters if Susan is in use already. Love your work, and thank you!


  4. What a great book! I loved it! Any update on when a sequel will be available to purchase? I’m begging you to take my money here! I recently left a glowing 5 star review and would love to see my three year old daughter’s name included. Her name is Avery Parker Ware. Hmmmm… Haven’t noticed any Parker archetypes yet!


    • Still not on a regular update schedule so probably be a bit before book 2 is finished I’m afraid. That said, I’m glad you liked what’s out so far and your daughter’s name is now on the list. Oh, and if it helps, William Power is a Parker type even if he doesn’t use the name.


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