Isaac Strong, Kelly Protean, Hector Hive and Jason Grim have all led very different lives.  However, they each have two things in common, super powers and their recent admittance to the Citadel program.  As members of the Citadel’s newest class of recruits, they will be taught to utilize their powers, and their bodies, to their utter limits.  The Citadel’s mission is simple: Halt the world’s slow slide into ruin.  They each have a part to play, but will it be enough?

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105 comments on “Home

  1. What I’d do for this story to come back. I doubt theres a chance in high heaven we ever get a full ending but any chance Unillustrated might be willing to let us know how it was all planned to end?

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    • I agree with your assessment, and share your disappointment. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on Unillustrated’s status. Web searches have taken me in small circles.


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