Isaac Strong, Kelly Protean, Hector Hive and Jason Grim have all led very different lives.  However, they each have two things in common, super powers and their recent admittance to the Citadel program.  As members of the Citadel’s newest class of recruits, they will be taught to utilize their powers, and their bodies, to their utter limits.  The Citadel’s mission is simple: Halt the world’s slow slide into ruin.  They each have a part to play, but will it be enough?

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95 comments on “Home

  1. OK,I LOVE the first book. I would love to buy the second. Clevenger please allow me to give you money and put up the second book.


  2. Great book! I hope you continue your writing, I think you have a gift for not only storytelling, but also a great imagination. I found your universe dark, gritty, and one full of possibilities. I don’t want to drop a spoiler on here, but I think I may know your arch-type. For everyone’s safety, I will hide this knowledge, somewhere deep.


  3. Nice read…different take on “Supers” than I’ve read so far. I really hope the next book comes out very soon. Lol…my name at the Citadel would be NDG (NO Delayed Gratification).


  4. About 2-3 months ago, I happened down the rabbithole of superhero web-serials and kindle novels. I came into it via Drew Hayes’ work. Since then I’ve read a lot of super hero fiction. A lot. I consume reading material in mass quantities. And there is a lot of dreck out there. This story is in my top 3. Your story keeps drawing me back. I read it as a Kindle book first – then went online to read the rest. While I greatly enjoy the first book, to a certain extent it was similar to other stories. A Hogwarts for Heroes, as it were. But it was all those little bits and pieces that spoke of the world beyond the training program that pulled me in. And now that you’re exploring that world more fully . . . I’m just amazed. Such a wonderfully realized world. Please keep writing. When you can, as much as you can. I know this is a labor of love for you – just wanted to know that it is immensely appreciated and enjoyed.


  5. Dear Unillustrated,

    I adored the story. This world was a fantastic place in which to lose myself. The powers were great to learn about and “awesome” to see in action. I just have one problem, I can’t figure out where to pick up the story on this site after reading Training in Necessity. Can you help a reader out?


  6. I hadn’t checked up in a whipr, and when I came back to abput 5 new posts, I’ll admit, I cried some tears of joy. Keep u


  7. It’s been half a year since the last update. Perhaps the story has been dropped. Hopefully not, this was one of my favourite webserials.


  8. Hey, I was really into this book for a while. Does anyone know anything about this? Did the author drop it? And if so, maybe there is someone who is willing to pick up the story?


  9. Found this through tvtropes, and I am so very glad I did. I went straight to the first ebook after a couple of your first entries, and I’ve only gotten through chapter 9 so far, but I’ve experienced more delight in each chapter than I’ve gotten from most entire books in the genre. Like Mr. Donohue before me, I’ve read mass quantities of supers fiction, and like him, this story, your world, has catapulted into my top three. And like the Wearing the Cape and Wild Cards worlds, you can be confident that I’ll buy every last story you write in this world.

    Looks like I found this just as a long hiatus is scheduled to end, lucky as hell for me, so here’s to many more chapters and stories by the time I finish the first two books!


  10. I am so glad to see you are back, I love this series and have several friends that will start reading it as soon as you post that next chapter. I really hope the hiatus has treated you well, and, personally, am okay if you start posting less often, if that is less pressure for you 🙂


  11. It’s been over a year since the last post, over two months since the story was supposed to be back from hiatus, and it’s become evidently clear this story is dead. An absolutely shame, this had the potential to be one of the best Superhero Web Serials out there


    • He has? Cool, that means Twig is probably finished then. I’ll go check it out.
      (Worm was long since finished when I found it but Pact was only about 2/3s. Don’t know what, but something about his pacing causes me to hate following so I decided to wait and read once complete from now on.)

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  12. It’s not looking good.

    Looks like it’s going the way of Saga of Soul or Watchmirror or a bunch of other great ideas that seemed to fade out.


  13. Unillustrated, I just want you to know, this has truly the potential to be one of the greatest superhero web serials out there. I love Worm, I love Super Powereds, but Citadel is by far the most unique take on the genre I’ve read. If it’s over, I enjoyed what I read. If it’s not, I eagerly await more

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ladies and Gentlemen

      Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of the last post going up.

      Unillustrated the fandom isn’t dead there are still readers waiting for the next page.

      New readers don’t let the hiatus scare you the story just entered a new arc before the hiatus begun you can enjoy the story up to now with no regrets.

      sorry this was a day late.


  14. Hey Unillustrated
    I just wanted you to know that no matter what happened, this is still one of the best thing’s I’ve ever read. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
    Congratulations and I hope wherever you are, you’re happy

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  15. It’s crazy how it’s been several years since the last update to the story, yet people still occasionally comment on this story from time to time. It really is a testament to how popular Citadel was to people. I really hope that somehow, someday Unillustrated comes back and actually finishes my favourite online serial

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d just be happy with a check in letting us know he’s ok.

      Maybe he burnt out or life got in the way.

      Either way thank you for the good times while it lasted.


  16. this was one of the best reads i’ve ever had, finished everything in 3 days, i hope the author is ok and whenever he is, i hope he knows that his story hasn’t died and there are still new readers that want to read his uncompleted masterpiece of a story, thank you for this wonderful story, and good luck to everyone


  17. i wish all
    People checking out this website almost half a decade after the last post in the hope of a new chapter
    a very pleasant evening


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